Hot Springs, Arkansas

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The Hot Springs Mobile App for visitors and residents

The Hot Springs App brings Hot Springs, AR to life for visitors traveling with smartphones. The mobile app provides visitors with information on the historic town's saloons and restaurants, its quirky special events, lodging, great places to shop & eat and attractions found only in Hot Springs. Information at their finger tips in a free mobile application so they find out about events, discounts, attractions, places to eat, and find out interesting facts about Hot Springs.

As a business owner, learn about the Hot Springs App and the icons in it below.  Find all the great places your business could be listed. Think of what all you offer and how a visitor would discover you in the Hot Springs App. Once you figured out what section your business fits in, then enter your info in the form below and it will be submitted into the Hot Springs App! We will review your submission and get it in the app as soon as possible!

BUSINESS OWNERS - If you would like for your business to be listed in the Hot Springs App or listed in sections other than where we listed you... you can do so at the bottom of this page. If you have questions, contact us.


If you would like for your EVENT to be listed in the Hot Springs App you can submit it here. Please only submit EVENTS that are open to the public. Visitors and Residents of Hot Springs would like to know about things like FESTIVALS, PARADES, CAR SHOWS, SPORTING EVENTS, LIVE MUSIC, SHOWS, POETRY READINGS, CONCERTS, FUNDRAISERS, etc. Please give as much detail as you can in 50 words or less and be sure to provide an address for your website especially if registration is needed.


If you are a local business and would like to offer a discount to the Hot Springs App users submit that offer on the form below. The discount needs to be a minimum of a 10% discount. The in-app purchase of this discount package will benefit loccal non-profit organizations. Your offer will attract Hot Springs vistors and residents alike to your business. The first non-profit orgainization that will benefit from the in-app purchase of the discount package is the Hot Springs Dance Troupe of the Hot Springs School District. If you are a non-profit and would like to be considered to benefit from the Hot Springs App discount in-app purchases click here.


Please let us know if you feel that we have left a particular business off the TOP PICKS list that should be included. These are the best things to do and see while in Hot Springs! TOP PICKS lets visitors know the TOP ATTRACTIONS, RESTRAURANTS, and places to SHOP that we as locals love to go.


Do you have a restraurant in Hot Springs? The form at the bottom of this page is the place that you can add to or change the information about your business that shows in the Hot Springs App. The information you provide here is what visitors will see to make a decision about where to eat. Hot Springs restruarants ONLY please.


There is so much to do in Hot Springs! Behind the PLAY icon, we lists Attractions, Boat Rentals, Entertainment, Fishing, Fitness, Free things to do, Golf Courses, Horse Back Riding, Museums, Nightlife, Outdoor Fun, Spas & Baths, Theatres, Tours, Trails, and Parks. Attractions in Hot Springs are abundant! Are you an owner or care taker of an attraction in Hot Springs? This is where you can list or you can add pictures, description and website. See the below form.


Everyone likes to shop! Hot Springs visitors AND residents. List your "shop" here if you sell souvienirs, art, boutique, clothes, pet supplies, specialty shop, resale, kids stuff, antiques, liquor or food. These are the categories we feel that most shopped and would be beneficial for shopping Hot Springs. If you would like to add your place of business to the "SHOP" section - do so on the below form.


Visitors to Hot Springs may already have a place to lay their heads at night this time but once they download the Hot Springs App they may be using it for there next visit. The marketing we have in place is anticpated to reach persons considering their next tripp to Hot Springs. We have put forth a grand effort to include all options for visitors to stay but if we left your place off or if you would like to add more information to your entry, you can do so on this page.


Hot Springs has a LOT of history and fascinating "Did You Knows". We picked and chose the ones we felt were pretty cool! If you have some input for more  or change to the "Did You Knows", please contact us.


This section is where Hot Springs visitors (and residents) can find more than just the really fun things to do! In the information section folks can find local businesses that offer: phone repair, event venues, catering, dj's, marriage chapels, transportation options, etc. You can add or update your business listing if it fits within one of the catagories listed. If you have a business that you feel should be included in this section but there is no section or type your business fits within, please contact us.


People love to be informed you will love for them to see pictures of fun and exciting things at your business or event. If you would like to post pictures or announcement of events, past events, fun happenings, a daily special or just something cool you want Hot Springs App users to see - - feel free to put it up on our Facebook.


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Submit Your Business:

If you need them, instructions are below the form.

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What section or sections would you like for your business to be listed in. If you would like to have your business listed in mulitiple sections, you will need a new submission for each.


Choose the type of business here. The section you chose will determine what types are listed here for you to chose from.


This is the name that you want visitors to identify you.

HS or Franchise:

Choose here if you are a locally owned, franchised, government owned, etc.


If you would like to offer a discount to the Hot Springs App users this is where you do it. Your participation will attract Hot Springs vistors and residents alike to your business. The discount needs to be a minimum of a 10% discount. The in-app purchase of this discount package will benefit local non-profit organizations.

Coupon Image:

If you chose to offer a discount above this is where you can submit a coupone picture if you have one or need one for barcode scanning.


This address is your physical location. It needs to be exact street address for geo-locating purposes for the next Hot Springs App version that will give turn by turn directions to your business within the app.


Submit a mapped picture of your location here if you would like.


What city is your business located?


The number to reach your business?


Put your website here.

Hours of Operation:

Make sure you make this is short and easy to understand. example: M-F 8am-6pm Sat 9am-3pm


What do you want potential customers to know? List products, awards, specials, etc. Don't be too windy! :)

Listing Picture:

This is THE picture. This can be a logo, picture of your products, business front, etc.

Advertisement picture:

If you would like to advertise on the Hot Springs App this is where you submit your 100x300 picture. The section and type you are submitting now is where your floating advertisement will show in the app.


Who do we contact for question? This name will NOT appear in the Hot Springs App.


Enter the email address for the contact.

Login Password:

Enter a password here that will be used to identify you when you want to come back and make changes to your listings.

Participation Level:

Here is where you chose what information about your business will be listed in the Hot Springs App.


Your business NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE #, LOCATION MAP and an OFFER to entice potential customer to visit (min 10% off). End user will pay a small fee to see and use ALL discounts. That fee benefits local charities.

HSAPP 2: $5 monthly

List DESCRIPTION and HOURS OF OPERATION in the Hot Springs App for end users to know more about your business. The DESCRIPTION is where you add AWARDS, ITEMS and/or SERVICES offered.

HSAPP 3: $10 monthly

List DESCRIPTION, HOURS OF OPERATION, PICTURE (not to exceed 320x110) and WEBSITE to the Hot Springs app so the potential customer will know more about your business.

HSAPP 4: $100 monthly

Your business ad will float and rotate on the bottom of the app's screen. The ad you submit should NOT exceed 300 x 100 in size. Your ad will link to your website.

HSAPP 5: $150 monthly

Your business picture ad will be the feature picture ad on the top of the category of your choice. The ad you submit should NOT exceed 320 x 110 in size. Your ad will link to your website.

HSAPP 6: $200 monthly

Lists your business in the top things to do while in Hot Springs.

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